episode 01.08 :: adrenaline

Adrenaline is the hormone that gets the body ready for action. In this episode, our second shot in Mexico, we combine two subjects that always get our blood pumping: beauty and adventure. A beautiful new mariposa girl puts her life at risk to bring you a truly breathtaking experience: skydiving with our HD camera! For those who have never had the opportunity to jump from an airplane, fly thru the air, and land safely on the beach below, this is your chance to experience the sights and sounds in full 1080p HDTV.
After a tour of tamir’s hometown of Mexico City, the mariposaHD team returns to the beaches of Oaxaca to explore the sky, surf, and sand of Puerto Escondido with uriel, roman, and amanda.

segment 1: tenochtitlan

The Great Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztec empire. Founded in 1325, it was a cosmopolitan and multicultural city with advanced technology. The Aztecs dominated all of Mesoamerica until 1521 when Tenochtitlan fell to Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. Today, after 683 years, the Great Tenochtitlan is still capital of the Aztec country, which is now called Mexico. tamir takes the Sony Z1 for a walk around this chaotic metropolis of 19,231,829 people for an HD look at real life on the streets of this huge city.

segment 2: aire

segment 2: aire

Back on the beaches of Puerto Escondido, we offer two beautiful Brazilian models a daring proposition: would one of them jump out of an airplane with our HD camera? eli chooses to take the plunge while juliana decides to wait down on the beach below. Safely strapped to an experienced instructor from Skydive Cuautla, eli gets the ride of her life while we get to feel what it is like to fly through the Pacific sky with a mariposa girl.

segment 3: amanda

segment 3: amanda

With a butterfly tattooed to the back of her neck, she is truly a mariposa girl. amanda is a Brazilian model who is now hosting her own program on Mexican TV channel TeleHit. We’ve seen glimpses of her in the last episode but now, as the sun sets upon the sands of Puerto Escondido, amanda has a segment of her own to enjoy the waters of the Pacific ocean. Out comes the medallion of lucky and we roll the camera to bring you a high definition taste of the beach with our newest mariposa girl amanda and her butterfly bikini.



episode 01.07 :: solar cycle 27

The solar minimum has arrived. Sunspots have all but vanished. Solar flares are nonexistent. The sun is utterly quiet, like the quiet before storm. The next solar max is expected in 2010…
Solar cycles have been tracked since 1755. The ancient Mesoamerican cultures that worshiped the sun predict a great change to humanity to come in the year 2012. The next sunspot cycle is expected to be the most intense in fifty years.
Could the coming solar storm mean the end of the world is near? We can’t really be sure, but after carefully consulting the latest forecast from the Mayan calendar, tamir decides that the right energy moment has arrived to bring the mariposaHD team (and the world of internet HD video) to his homeland of Mexico. There, we meet tamir’s younger brother uriel, who is a popular male model and host on Mexican television, and the perfect guide for our visit to the land of the Aztecs.
After filming 3 episodes in Argentina and 3 episodes in Uruguay, tamir, mike, jeff, and dominic grab the HD cameras, the medallion of lucky, and plenty of blank tapes and head north to bring you this new mariposaHD adventure in Mexico!

segment 1: zicatela

We join uriel and his model friends roman and amanda for a drive through the pueblos of Oaxaca to Zicatela, one of the top surfing beaches in the world. We find the beach to be invaded by Brazilian surfers who, as luck would have it, brought some mariposa girls along with them. As the boys step into the surf we pass the medallion of lucky to this episode’s new mariposa girl from Brazil, melissa. In the quiet before the coming solar storm, enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and great views from the beach in high definition clarity here on mariposaHD.

segment 2: piramides

Teotihuacán, named ‘the city of gods’ by the Aztecs, is a 40 minute drive from modern Mexico City. This ancient abandoned city contains the pyramid of the sun, one of the largest in the world. The place has special energy and the best way to capture it in HD video is with majo, a new mariposa girl who helps make our history lesson even more interesting. Recharge your energies with us in this mystical place in full 1080p resolution.

segment 3: desfile

As the sun sets and night comes, we return to Mexico City where uriel has invited us to join him for an important fashion show. With some help from the medallion of lucky, we head backstage to find plenty of interesting new mariposa girls from all over the world. We hope you enjoy it.



episode 01.06 :: we got everything

It was felix carvalho, a young man wise beyond his years, who once remarked, “we got everything”. Indeed, in this episode we truly have got it all: beautiful models, glamorous fashion shows, an exclusive polo match, and the biggest DJ in the world — all in perfect High Definition clarity.
In this final chapter of our three videos from Punta del Este, Uruguay we spend some time with dolores behind the red velvet rope outside a trendy beach nightclub. There, we learn something about our visit to Punta: some people have “got it”, and some people have “got everything!”.

segment 1: polo

The first day of shooting for this episode presented a bit of a dilemma for the mariposaHD team. We were invited to film a polo match at the exclusive Punta del Este Polo Club, which is hidden in the woods near La Barra. Polo is big stuff in these parts of South America and we were looking forward to capturing a taste of “the sport of kings” in HD. However, down at the beach there was polo-themed fashion show featuring some of our favorite mariposa girls scheduled at nearly the same time. We decided to split up. mike and dominic took the Canon 20D and Sony FX1 up to the woods to film the polo match while jeff and tamir took the Canon 10D and Sony Z1U down to the beach to capture the fashion show. On this slightly overcast day in Uruguay, no one in Punta managed to see both the polo match and the fashion show. But now in HDTV, you do. Which would you rather see?

segment 2: antonela

Antonela is a beautiful young model from Argentina. We have seen glimpses of her in episode 01.04 and episode 01.05. Now, with the help of some perfect afternoon sunlight, we finally get a few moments alone with antonela in front of the mariposaHD cameras.

segment 3: mantra

We follow the action to Mantra, an exclusive resort/spa/casino tucked in the woods near La Barra, for a fashion show featuring Argentine supermodel Ingrid Grudke. In the casino lobby we meet up with more of our favorite mariposa girls and then the cameras start snapping as the girls show off their hot new looks.

segment 4: tiësto

There is no DJ in the world bigger than tiësto. He won ‘No. 1 DJ in the World’ three consecutive times and performed at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics. But he isn’t too big for a visit to Uruguay. After a long day of filming, the mariposaHD team puts in a late, late night to capture the locals getting down to the big sounds.



episode 01.05 :: respect for the rights of others is peace

It was Benito Juarez, a Zapotec Amerindian and Mexico’s first and only Native American president, who famously said, “Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.”
It is the morning after the night before. For anyone who has been to Cancun, Mexico (where Americans go to get drunk and rowdy) it may be ironic to see that it is Mexicans who get drunk and rowdy in Uruguay. The mariposaHD team is up yet again at the crack of dawn to document a day at the beach in Punta del Este. And what did we learn in our day at the beach? That how we choose to behave is more important than what we choose to drink or smoke.

segment 1: bikini beach

Bikini Beach, near Punta del Este, is THE place to show off your hot South American look. The mariposaHD team is there, with the HD camcorder, the high-resolution camera, and the telephoto zoom lens to show you what it is all about. We meet up with some of the locals, some of the visitors, and catch an impromptu model casting.

segment 2: tammy

There are lots of hot girls on Bikini Beach but only one of them gets to be our new mariposa girl. tammy is a beautiful young model from Argentina who spends the summer working on the beach in Uruguay. She doesn’t smoke, is in great shape, has all her original body parts, has a fantastic smile, and, most importantly, she has the right attitude. It’s not easy to look perfect in front of an HD camera. tammy does and she’s our newest mariposa girl.

segment 3: dotto

Dotto Models has been one of South America’s top modeling agencies for more than 20 years. After operating many years near the exclusive beach town of José Ignacio, Pancho Dotto has brought out some of his famous ladies for a walk down the runway for some of the locals.

segment 4: bussola

When Javier Bussola is spinning, you know it’s going to be a late night. Or an early morning. Since starting as a DJ back in 1987, Bussola has played in every major club and festival around Argentina. tamir catches up with Sñr. Bussola in his car before going on to play an outdoor set at an electronic music festival near Punta and we find out how he gets warmed up before a big show.



episode 01.04 :: i see that we meet again

A very talented fella called ‘jimi‘ once said, “i see that we meet again“. After going our separate ways, ‘we meet again’ to embark on the second half of season 01 of mariposaHD. For this part of the season we depart Argentina and head across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay.
New Years Day is the start of summertime in South America. Punta del Este is the resort town on Uruguay’s Atlantic coast where the rich, famous, and beautiful of South America bring in the New Year. And that is where the mariposaHD team ‘meet again’ to bring you all the action.

segment 1: barbara

In our last episode, ten aspiring young models answered our casting call when we asked, “who should be the next mariposa girl?”. While all of our prospective mariposa girls were beautiful, it was barbara’s winning attitude that won us over.
When the sun goes down in Punta del Este, the beautiful people all head to José Ignacio to watch the sunset. On New Year’s Day, over a few drinks at a beachfront bar, we spotted barbara and a perfect sunset. We knew it was time to whip out the medallion of lucky and the Canon 20D for a few minutes of photo shooting with our newest mariposa girl.

segment 2: surfing

Rocio is a very popular young model from Argentina whose photos are seen in magazines all across the world. She was recently honored with the title of “Best Ass in Latin America” on the cover of a major celebrity/paparazzi magazine.
While the team is out scouting talent on Montoya Beach, Rocio shows us that she is more than just a pretty face by braving the fierce Uruguayan surf. We agree that she is ‘a disaster in the water’ but we still enjoy the great view.

segment 3: mate

After a few days on the beaches of La Barra, we take a trip into the city of Punta del Este. There is one thing that every new visitor to Uruguay notices: mate, mate, mate everywhere!
Mate is an herbal drink, made from hot water and yerba, that is sipped from a calabash gourd with a bombilla. It can have a bitter taste so sometimes some sugar and lemon are added. It is enjoyed in a similar way to coffee or tea in other parts of the world. While mate is also popular in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, it is the Uruguayans who bring the cultural institution of mate to a whole different level.

segment 4: fashion parade

Back in La Barra, we head to sweltering Personal Beach to check out a beach “fashion parade” produced by fashion magazine Tendencia. rocio is back to introduce some of the teenie bikinis that will be gracing the mariposa girls on the beaches and catwalks this season.

segment 5: solimano

Punta del Este is sometimes known as the Ibiza of South America. When the sun goes down, the crowd hits the clubs and the electronic music festivals to see the world’s biggest DJs spinning.
solimano is an electronic music institution in Argentina. He has been a resident DJ in many of the biggest clubs in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este. Tonight, in a pasture near a beach in Punta, the mariposaHD cameras are there to see how he does it.



episode 01.03 :: without friendship, man cannot be happy

segment 1: casting

Buenos Aires is the Hollywood of Latin America. Just like the real Hollywood, the city is full of aspiring young talent looking for that big break into a career in show business. When word gets out that a few foreigners are in town filming a new HDTV project, it doesn’t take long for the beauties to start ringing our doorbell. ‘segment 1: casting’ is a brief snapshot of a day in our life. Follow the mariposaHD team and ten beautiful new models as we try to determine: who will be the next mariposa girl?

segment 2: mala mala

In Spanish it means “bad bad”. Mala mala is a mountain peak, high in the altiplano near Tafí del Valle, Tucuman. When our route thru the rainforest lowlands is blocked by piqueteros, the team 4-wheels it thru sugarcane plantations and across swollen rivers. With condors over head and breathtaking views all around, the team overcomes the “bad bad” to finally enjoy a traditional Argentine asado.

segment 3: koxis

Back in fashionable Buenos Aires, we are invited to the launch of a new line of hot new looks from local designer Koxis. mariposa girls are everywhere as our high definition cameras zoom in on the new designs that will be gracing the beaches and catwalks of South America.



episode 01.02 :: time is an illusion

segment 1: karo

Karo is in town! Karo is a beautiful young model from Rosario, which is about a three hour drive up the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires (and supposedly home to the most lovely girls in Argentina). We choose the artsy/fashionable Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires for a photoshooting. Graffiti covered walls, tree lined streets, and a hip clothing boutique set the urban backdrop for Karo’s shoot. The porteños seem to approve of our work.

segment 2: cactus

The crew stumbles upon a microclimate while exploring the rugged landscape of Tucuman, Argentina. The leafy trees sharing space with thorny cacti is reason enough to snap a few photos. Tamir and Mike give some insight on the evolution of the ‘cardone’ cactus while Jeff and Dominic attempt to crack the case of the wild ‘vanilla’.

segment 3: nieve

The Argentine Andes are a popular destination for winter (May-July in South America) travelers. Tamir visits the mountains of La Hoya for a skiing/falling lesson. Fortunately the views are better then his skiing.

segment 4: fashion week

Fashion Week Buenos Aires draws many new and established local designers to ‘La Rural’ convention center in Palermo, Buenos Aires. The hip and trendy of Argentina have come out to see the latest from Mariano Toledo, Laurencio Adot, Nadine Zlotogora, and many others. Gorgeous models sport the clothes everyone came to see in several high energy fashion shows.



episode 01.01 :: abstract television

segment 0: welcome to mariposaHD

We wander down to the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden to welcome viewers to the future of television. After some video highlights of our first 6 months of filming with the new Sony HDV cameras, we discuss some of the ideas that went into the making of mariposaHD and some of the technologies that made it possible.

segment 1: searching for mariposa girls

We meet our first mariposa girls, eva and agustina, in Tigre, about 30 minutes north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The girls show off several bikinis from local BA fashion designer… The sun is not very cooperative but we still have lots of fun. As the girls change bikinis, Dominic prepares a shankee asado to give us energy for the second photoshoot of the day.

segment 2: quilmes

Escaping hectic Buenos Aires, we make a long 14 hour journey to Amaicha del Valle in the northwestern Argentine province of Tucuman. We explore the Quilmes Ruins, which were once home to a successful tribe that was conquered by the Spanish in 1667. Exploring the not-so-ancient ruins we come across llamas, wasps, spiders, cardones, and some incredible landscapes. We even learn a little history.

segment 3: fashion

We descend on the Espacio Darwin convention center in the trendy Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires to witness FTV Urban Look. This exhibition features some of Argentina’s top fashion designs for the Spring 2005/06 season and has drawn quite a crowd. mariposa girls are everywhere! We go backstage to meet some of the models and then feature a runway show by designer Ricky Sarkany.