episode 01.04 :: i see that we meet again

A very talented fella called ‘jimi‘ once said, “i see that we meet again“. After going our separate ways, ‘we meet again’ to embark on the second half of season 01 of mariposaHD. For this part of the season we depart Argentina and head across the Rio de la Plata to Uruguay.
New Years Day is the start of summertime in South America. Punta del Este is the resort town on Uruguay’s Atlantic coast where the rich, famous, and beautiful of South America bring in the New Year. And that is where the mariposaHD team ‘meet again’ to bring you all the action.

segment 1: barbara

In our last episode, ten aspiring young models answered our casting call when we asked, “who should be the next mariposa girl?”. While all of our prospective mariposa girls were beautiful, it was barbara’s winning attitude that won us over.
When the sun goes down in Punta del Este, the beautiful people all head to José Ignacio to watch the sunset. On New Year’s Day, over a few drinks at a beachfront bar, we spotted barbara and a perfect sunset. We knew it was time to whip out the medallion of lucky and the Canon 20D for a few minutes of photo shooting with our newest mariposa girl.

segment 2: surfing

Rocio is a very popular young model from Argentina whose photos are seen in magazines all across the world. She was recently honored with the title of “Best Ass in Latin America” on the cover of a major celebrity/paparazzi magazine.
While the team is out scouting talent on Montoya Beach, Rocio shows us that she is more than just a pretty face by braving the fierce Uruguayan surf. We agree that she is ‘a disaster in the water’ but we still enjoy the great view.

segment 3: mate

After a few days on the beaches of La Barra, we take a trip into the city of Punta del Este. There is one thing that every new visitor to Uruguay notices: mate, mate, mate everywhere!
Mate is an herbal drink, made from hot water and yerba, that is sipped from a calabash gourd with a bombilla. It can have a bitter taste so sometimes some sugar and lemon are added. It is enjoyed in a similar way to coffee or tea in other parts of the world. While mate is also popular in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, it is the Uruguayans who bring the cultural institution of mate to a whole different level.

segment 4: fashion parade

Back in La Barra, we head to sweltering Personal Beach to check out a beach “fashion parade” produced by fashion magazine Tendencia. rocio is back to introduce some of the teenie bikinis that will be gracing the mariposa girls on the beaches and catwalks this season.

segment 5: solimano

Punta del Este is sometimes known as the Ibiza of South America. When the sun goes down, the crowd hits the clubs and the electronic music festivals to see the world’s biggest DJs spinning.
solimano is an electronic music institution in Argentina. He has been a resident DJ in many of the biggest clubs in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este. Tonight, in a pasture near a beach in Punta, the mariposaHD cameras are there to see how he does it.