episode 01.06 :: we got everything

It was felix carvalho, a young man wise beyond his years, who once remarked, “we got everything”. Indeed, in this episode we truly have got it all: beautiful models, glamorous fashion shows, an exclusive polo match, and the biggest DJ in the world — all in perfect High Definition clarity.
In this final chapter of our three videos from Punta del Este, Uruguay we spend some time with dolores behind the red velvet rope outside a trendy beach nightclub. There, we learn something about our visit to Punta: some people have “got it”, and some people have “got everything!”.

segment 1: polo

The first day of shooting for this episode presented a bit of a dilemma for the mariposaHD team. We were invited to film a polo match at the exclusive Punta del Este Polo Club, which is hidden in the woods near La Barra. Polo is big stuff in these parts of South America and we were looking forward to capturing a taste of “the sport of kings” in HD. However, down at the beach there was polo-themed fashion show featuring some of our favorite mariposa girls scheduled at nearly the same time. We decided to split up. mike and dominic took the Canon 20D and Sony FX1 up to the woods to film the polo match while jeff and tamir took the Canon 10D and Sony Z1U down to the beach to capture the fashion show. On this slightly overcast day in Uruguay, no one in Punta managed to see both the polo match and the fashion show. But now in HDTV, you do. Which would you rather see?

segment 2: antonela

Antonela is a beautiful young model from Argentina. We have seen glimpses of her in episode 01.04 and episode 01.05. Now, with the help of some perfect afternoon sunlight, we finally get a few moments alone with antonela in front of the mariposaHD cameras.

segment 3: mantra

We follow the action to Mantra, an exclusive resort/spa/casino tucked in the woods near La Barra, for a fashion show featuring Argentine supermodel Ingrid Grudke. In the casino lobby we meet up with more of our favorite mariposa girls and then the cameras start snapping as the girls show off their hot new looks.

segment 4: tiësto

There is no DJ in the world bigger than tiësto. He won ‘No. 1 DJ in the World’ three consecutive times and performed at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics. But he isn’t too big for a visit to Uruguay. After a long day of filming, the mariposaHD team puts in a late, late night to capture the locals getting down to the big sounds.