episode 01.02 :: time is an illusion

segment 1: karo

Karo is in town! Karo is a beautiful young model from Rosario, which is about a three hour drive up the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires (and supposedly home to the most lovely girls in Argentina). We choose the artsy/fashionable Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires for a photoshooting. Graffiti covered walls, tree lined streets, and a hip clothing boutique set the urban backdrop for Karo’s shoot. The porteños seem to approve of our work.

segment 2: cactus

The crew stumbles upon a microclimate while exploring the rugged landscape of Tucuman, Argentina. The leafy trees sharing space with thorny cacti is reason enough to snap a few photos. Tamir and Mike give some insight on the evolution of the ‘cardone’ cactus while Jeff and Dominic attempt to crack the case of the wild ‘vanilla’.

segment 3: nieve

The Argentine Andes are a popular destination for winter (May-July in South America) travelers. Tamir visits the mountains of La Hoya for a skiing/falling lesson. Fortunately the views are better then his skiing.

segment 4: fashion week

Fashion Week Buenos Aires draws many new and established local designers to ‘La Rural’ convention center in Palermo, Buenos Aires. The hip and trendy of Argentina have come out to see the latest from Mariano Toledo, Laurencio Adot, Nadine Zlotogora, and many others. Gorgeous models sport the clothes everyone came to see in several high energy fashion shows.