episode 01.05 :: respect for the rights of others is peace

It was Benito Juarez, a Zapotec Amerindian and Mexico’s first and only Native American president, who famously said, “Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.”
It is the morning after the night before. For anyone who has been to Cancun, Mexico (where Americans go to get drunk and rowdy) it may be ironic to see that it is Mexicans who get drunk and rowdy in Uruguay. The mariposaHD team is up yet again at the crack of dawn to document a day at the beach in Punta del Este. And what did we learn in our day at the beach? That how we choose to behave is more important than what we choose to drink or smoke.

segment 1: bikini beach

Bikini Beach, near Punta del Este, is THE place to show off your hot South American look. The mariposaHD team is there, with the HD camcorder, the high-resolution camera, and the telephoto zoom lens to show you what it is all about. We meet up with some of the locals, some of the visitors, and catch an impromptu model casting.

segment 2: tammy

There are lots of hot girls on Bikini Beach but only one of them gets to be our new mariposa girl. tammy is a beautiful young model from Argentina who spends the summer working on the beach in Uruguay. She doesn’t smoke, is in great shape, has all her original body parts, has a fantastic smile, and, most importantly, she has the right attitude. It’s not easy to look perfect in front of an HD camera. tammy does and she’s our newest mariposa girl.

segment 3: dotto

Dotto Models has been one of South America’s top modeling agencies for more than 20 years. After operating many years near the exclusive beach town of José Ignacio, Pancho Dotto has brought out some of his famous ladies for a walk down the runway for some of the locals.

segment 4: bussola

When Javier Bussola is spinning, you know it’s going to be a late night. Or an early morning. Since starting as a DJ back in 1987, Bussola has played in every major club and festival around Argentina. tamir catches up with Sñr. Bussola in his car before going on to play an outdoor set at an electronic music festival near Punta and we find out how he gets warmed up before a big show.