episode 01.01 :: abstract television

segment 0: welcome to mariposaHD

We wander down to the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden to welcome viewers to the future of television. After some video highlights of our first 6 months of filming with the new Sony HDV cameras, we discuss some of the ideas that went into the making of mariposaHD and some of the technologies that made it possible.

segment 1: searching for mariposa girls

We meet our first mariposa girls, eva and agustina, in Tigre, about 30 minutes north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The girls show off several bikinis from local BA fashion designer… The sun is not very cooperative but we still have lots of fun. As the girls change bikinis, Dominic prepares a shankee asado to give us energy for the second photoshoot of the day.

segment 2: quilmes

Escaping hectic Buenos Aires, we make a long 14 hour journey to Amaicha del Valle in the northwestern Argentine province of Tucuman. We explore the Quilmes Ruins, which were once home to a successful tribe that was conquered by the Spanish in 1667. Exploring the not-so-ancient ruins we come across llamas, wasps, spiders, cardones, and some incredible landscapes. We even learn a little history.

segment 3: fashion

We descend on the Espacio Darwin convention center in the trendy Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires to witness FTV Urban Look. This exhibition features some of Argentina’s top fashion designs for the Spring 2005/06 season and has drawn quite a crowd. mariposa girls are everywhere! We go backstage to meet some of the models and then feature a runway show by designer Ricky Sarkany.