episode 01.08 :: adrenaline

Adrenaline is the hormone that gets the body ready for action. In this episode, our second shot in Mexico, we combine two subjects that always get our blood pumping: beauty and adventure. A beautiful new mariposa girl puts her life at risk to bring you a truly breathtaking experience: skydiving with our HD camera! For […]

episode 01.07 :: solar cycle 27

The solar minimum has arrived. Sunspots have all but vanished. Solar flares are nonexistent. The sun is utterly quiet, like the quiet before storm. The next solar max is expected in 2010…Solar cycles have been tracked since 1755. The ancient Mesoamerican cultures that worshiped the sun predict a great change to humanity to come in […]

episode 01.06 :: we got everything

It was felix carvalho, a young man wise beyond his years, who once remarked, “we got everything”. Indeed, in this episode we truly have got it all: beautiful models, glamorous fashion shows, an exclusive polo match, and the biggest DJ in the world — all in perfect High Definition clarity.In this final chapter of our […]

episode 01.02 :: time is an illusion

segment 1: karo Karo is in town! Karo is a beautiful young model from Rosario, which is about a three hour drive up the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires (and supposedly home to the most lovely girls in Argentina). We choose the artsy/fashionable Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires for a photoshooting. Graffiti covered […]