Abby Lost 21 Pounds In Just A Month – My Energy Was Much Higher


I thought it would be cool to talk about my diet experience. Thank you to everyone for their encouraging emails. This has been an incredible journey for me to lose 21 pounds in just a month. I want to encourage you and your diet experience and to stick with it.

My diet journey started about a month ago and I had no expectations going into it. I have always struggled with my weight and tried many different diets. None had worked for me. I would lose 5 pounds and gain it all back. It’s really disappointing to fail at each diet.

I heard about the Acai berry diet. I was pretty skeptical however did some research. I saw that many people had incredible results. In the first week of trying the product, I knew it was working. I saw incredible changes. I lost a total of 7 pounds in just one week. I wasn’t as hungry and my energy was much higher.

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Cloe Describes The Acai Berry Select Product – Increased Metabolism


Hi, my name is Cloe. Today, I’m discussing Acai Berry Select. This natural supplement comes from the fruit of the Acai palm. It’s high in antioxidants and helps with dieting. Each package contains 50 mg of pure extract of natural ingredients increases fat oxidation for increased metabolism.

In as little as 15 days you’ll start to feel healthier and more energetic. This supplement is rather new, pregnant women or small children should not take this.

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Acai Berries Touted As Elite Super Foods


Have you heard about the acai berry? Do you want to know more about the health benefits of acai berry and berry juice? Acai berries are highly touted as one of the elite super foods for anti-aging and weight loss properties. Manufacturers use the acai berry in beauty products.

What is the Acai berry? The acai berry is an inch long reddish, purple fruit. It comes from the acai palm tree which is native to Central America.

research on the acai berry has focused on its antioxidant activity. In theory, that activity may help with diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

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I Take One In The Morning And One In Mid Day


What’s up? Triboya here to do another review on this supplement that I’ve been taking called acai berry. It’s a berry the size of a blueberry or grape and purple in color. It comes from an acai berry palm tree in the Brazilian rain forest.

It has antioxidants and helps with weight loss. It gives a boost of energy. It’s a natural product and that’s why I take it.

It has been helping me throughout the day. I take one in the morning and one in the middle of the day. This is the size. The capsule is easy to swallow. It has about 500 mg of acai extract and green tea. Overall, it’s a really good product. Even though I don’t consider it, it’s listed as a fat loss product. It does give me energy throughout the day. Overall, it’s a great product and inexpensive.

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Ten Times More Antioxidants Than Red Grapes – Latest Health Craze


A berry deep from the Amazon rain forest is quickly becoming the latest health supplement craze. On you health, we have Corrina.  Ok, how do you get these berries, is it in juice?

Yes, Amy, the acai berry is most often taken in juice as an antioxidant cocktail.  So why all the rage?  This is being promoted as the number one super food to help you look younger and live longer. The university of Florida study says that it can blast cancer cells.

Doctors say the acai berry has ten times more antioxidants than red grapes. Antioxidants are known to boost the immune system and promote healing. University researchers studied extract from acai berries.

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Is Acai Berry Juice Good For Fast Weight Loss?


If you’re like many others at the beginning of the new year, you’re looking for new and creative ways to lose weight quickly. Every year seems to bring new products proclaiming that they will finally help you to realize your dreams of losing weight. Your ears will become tuned in to any product that has developed a reputation of blasting off excess body weight, especially if that product has proven to work quickly. One product that has developed a lot of attention is called Acai berry juice.

Acai berry juice is derived from the acai berry. The berry is derived from trees that only grow in the Amazon jungles of Brazil. The berries and the juice is very common to those who live in Brazil. Those native to Brazil eat the berries plain or on top of treats such as ice cream. The acai tastes like a tart berry, close to the taste of a pomegranate. It’s also used by native Brazilians as an ingredient for fruit smoothies and freshly squeezed juice. The juice is sold around the world and in the U.S. Like most products, you can certainly find the juice online.

There are several reasons why people proclaim that drinking acai juice will promote a wide variety of health benefits. Of course, one of the most popular reasons why people are attracted to drinking the juice is because it’s said to help people to lose weight. It’s said to have internal cleansing properties. This in itself helps the body to relieve itself of toxins which cause the body to hold on to excess weight and crave substances such as sugars and fat.

Beyond this, acai berry juice is said to contain a lot of fiber. As you probably know, fiber not only provides internal digestive track cleansing, it also fills up the belly. Of course, if your belly feels full, you’ll stop developing urges to eat. Both of these attributes will encourage weight loss.

Not only this, many say that acai berry juice cleanses out the major organs, such as the kidneys and the liver. If you are serious about weight loss, you already know that performing a complete internal cleanse is important to your success. Not only must you cleanse your digestive track, you must clean your kidneys and specifically, you must clean your liver. Once the cleansing of your important organs is completed, it’s said that you should feel a “second wind” of energy, stamina and endurance. Increased energy and endurance will go a long way to help you maintain a fitness program. Sticking to a fitness program in turn will help you to lose weight, fast.

With all of these things in mind, will drinking acai berry juice help you to lose weight fast? There are no proven medical studies that can verify this question. However, drinking naturally dark and tart fruit juices has proven to be good for your bloodstream. The fiber contained in the juice is good for your health. You could certainly benefit by adding this juice to a healthy diet.

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